Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Clouds filled with Me

With the myriad of internet places to park my thoughts (blogs, emails, twitters, etc.) I forget where I need to update. My own "blog spot" is neglected since April and here it is July already. A lot has happened in the interim. One thing, life goes on and it is very daily. It seems like I spend way to much of it on the computer. Yet what do I do to control this? I buy an I-phone!  Now I have a mini computer so that I can keep up with my MacPro and can even Sync them together.  Then, I can ball it all up and toss it into "the cloud" via my Mobile.Me account somewhere in the sky. I wonder, if it rains, will all my "stuff" fall to the ground?  If so, I am sure it will "fertilize" the soil and bring new life to a dying world.  At least that is my hope.  Sigh.