Saturday, April 9, 2016

TODAY, April 9th is Heather Fawn's Birthday! When she was born at Garland Memorial Hospital in Garland, Texas, I had to wait in the Dad's waiting room because she was born via C-Section and I was not allowed in the operating room. I was not alone because my good friend Robert Yarbrough had come to be with me. When they brought Heather out to meet her Dad, she was bright red all over and crying loudly. It did not take her long to adjust to the outside world and was soon charming the hospital staff and organizing the hospital nursery. I will never forget standing at the nursery window proudly pointing out my little girl, the fairest of them all. Now years later she is still my little girl, and a devout follower of Jesus, leading others to Him and I could not be more pleased at the person she has become. 
Happy Birthday Heather!