Friday, August 10, 2018

@ Grand Canyon

A lot has happened over the past year and as I reflect on it all, I can only say "Thank You Lord" for your mercies shown to me and my loved ones!

Just to recap some of the events Since last August:

It has been exactly one year since our good friend, Gary Hines, received a liver transplant at the Mayo Clinic here in Jacksonville. He and Kathy came by last Sunday to celebrate with us and the Cornerstone Church Family. What a time we had!!! Gary is doing great!

It was a year ago this month that we said "bon voyage" to both of my kids as Aaron took his family to Mesa, Az where he got a new job. The same Sunday, we said "bon voyage" to Heather who moved to Texas to her new assignments from the Lord. She spent most of the year in Early, Texas with Pam & Jim Fitzgibbon, teaching and winning souls. Now she is in Amarillo with Jim & Debbie Loper and Amarillo's Cornerstone Church.  

It has been very strange for me to not have either of my children in town with me. Ruth and I both miss our times with Ethan and Marlee and the weekly family meal after church on Sunday. It has been a big adjustment for me.

We did manage to go to Arizona last March during Ethan's Spring Break. Aaron took the week off work and we had a wonderful time with the family.  We took a tour of Ethan's school; Visited their church (Hillsong Phoenix) and took a trip to the Grand Canyon. They are doing great in school, church, work etc. We are happy for them! Stephanie has started her own business taking care of pets (dogs, horses, goats, etc.) while their owners are away. She has a growing clientele. 

Ruth and I went to Honduras last September for missions with Luis Sorto and his family and this June we went to Kenya for a time of ministry with Don & Becky Cameron and the Burning Plow Team. What a time we had in both countries!

In between those activities, we did normal life as Pastors of the great folks of Cornerstone Church and kept ourselves busy in the Work of the Lord. God has been very near as we live as large as our faith will permit.  What the future holds, only He knows, but we know He has us in His Grip and all we have to do is hold on and enjoy our life in Him!

This is my way of catching up on this blog. I will try to post more often. God bless you all!