Friday, September 6, 2019

Hurricane Dorian

The know-it-all's on television laughed at the notion that people were praying for this big storm to turn and miss Florida and the rest of the East Coast. They ridiculed the idea that prayer actually could change the weather. They implied that only simpletons would believe in such things.
Well, call me a simpleton then!
The Bible I read and believe, says that in the time of trouble, I should call upon the God who created all things and who still rules the Universe and He will hear me, and deliver me from danger.
History is full of eye witness accounts of how people prayed and the weather changed. I have personally seen with my own eyes how tornadoes, hail storms, and other weather threats have moved away or been dissolved after prayer. Yes, I and many other believers, were praying about this Dorian threat for days. It passed by us leaving relatively little damage. Whereas it was forecast to be the deadliest storm on record. Not a coincidence in my estimation! God heard and changed the course of nature because people dared to ask Him!
My God is Real! My God is always working, even in the storms! People who are worried about climate change and such things, just don't know God. They don't believe that He controls the Universe and this little planet Earth. They underestimate the Power of His Word and the Power of Prayer. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

On this day, Sept. 4th , 2003 Norma Joyce, my wife of 33 years, went to Heaven. It was her day of Victory and my worst day ever. As the years have passed life has continued on for us. Our family has grown. I have married Ruth (11 years now) and grandchildren have entered the picture.  We are blessed and happy. There will always be a huge place in our hearts for Norma. She is waiting for us to join her there. How wonderful that day will be!!!