Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Ruth and I spent this Valentine's Day with Don & Cindy Normand. We met them at their home in Keystone Heights for early lunch then drove to Gainesville to see the movie, King's Speech (about King George VI's battle against a severe speech impediment). It was very enjoyable to watch this movie with a couple who knew all the inside stories surrounding the Royal Family of that era. It was a very enjoyable day all around with perfect weather and perfect company. On the way home, Ruth and I stopped at our favorite sea food restaurant for an intimate meal before returning home. Then we get out our computers and start emailing and facebooking the ladies in our lives to wish them all a Happy Valentine's Day.

God has blessed me with a wonderful group of "special" ladies: A loving wife (Ruth); and great mother-in-law (Ethel Pratt); a beloved sister (Joy Bittner); 2 sister in law's (Mary Ann Thomason & Glenda Boothe); a wonderful daughter (Heather Fawn); a precious daughter-in-law (Stephanie Thomason) ; 3 lovely step-daughters (Amy Donohue, Angielyn Hughes, Ashley Spurlock); an absolutely perfect granddaughter (Marlee); a totally delightful step granddaughter (Daylan Spurlock); and some super nieces (Dawn Miller, Denise Downey, Marcy Malone, Karen Pratt, Danielle Hill, Katrina Phillips, Crystal Stone, Brianna Thomason); a host of female cousins and second nieces; and last but not least all my precious Sisters in Christ!

I must include those special ladies who have gone on to Heaven for which I will always be thankful--my Mom, Irene Thomason; the wife of my youth--Norma; and my wonderful sister-in-law, Carolyn Thomason.

I am a RICH man!!!

To all of the women, ladies, and girls in my life: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY & ALL MY LOVE!