Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grandkids: Andrew, Anthony, Avery & Aiden & Daylan

Daylan, (Ashley & Will's Daughter) with Aiden & Avery (Amy & Bobby's two youngest).

Andrew and Anthony are Amy & Bobby's first two sons.

The Grandkids Ethan & Marlee

Ethan is 8. He is Great!
Marlee is 4, who we adore! They are the children of Aaron & Stephanie.


Ashley is Ruth's youngest daughter who lives in Savannah, Ga. She is married to Will and has a wonderful 4 year old daughter named Daylan. Ashley is a hard working young lady who at times works as many as 3 jobs while pursuing a degree to become an elementary teacher. She has her Mom's energy and is very bright. She recently scored high on an aptitude test and will be a great teacher some day. Ashley is one of those special people who you just know has greatness inside of her and a special call of God on her life. She is the youngest of "our" daughters and we love her very much. I am blessed to have her in my ever expanding family.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have known Stephanie since she was a tiny little girl. She is the second daughter of one of the finest Christian couples I know who are to this day great friends, Randy & Tammy Voight. We met in the mid-1980's when we attended the same church in Amarillo, Texas and have remained close ever since. Aaron and Stephanie were friends when they were children then one day something just clicked and they were in love. They married in August of 2004 and she became one of the best things to ever happen to our family. We love her very much and it is easy because she is pretty close to perfect, after all, she loves my son and gave me two of the best grandkids ever, Ethan and Marlee! Stephanie is great with children and teaches in a school for kids with special needs. She is also great with animals, especially horses. She has trained horses to barrel race and rides "like the wind"! She is Aaron's prayer partner and has a great understanding of the things of God. We are so blessed!


Ruth's second daughter, Angielyn, had her 30th birthday on May 21st. She married Matthew Hughes last September 19th in Savannah, Ga. They have since moved to Tulsa where Matt is learning how to fly airplanes. Angielyn is full of life and is the life of any party. She is a joy to be around and with her there is never a dull moment. She and her Mom talk almost every day and are very close. She loves to read and is growing spiritually every day. God has given her some awesome poems and songs with which she expresses some deep insights. One thing I love about her is---she received me whole heartedly and has become a good friend. Like her Mom, I am very proud of her and happy she is part of my growing family.