Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In Mid July, a team of Pastors, Elders, Lawyers, Businessmen, Teachers, Evangelists etc. from 7 Churches in Jacksonville, Fl., a church in Faulkville, Ga, a couple of churches near College Station, Tx. will join forces for a series of Crusades and Leadership Seminars in and around Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

This effort will include a giant televised out door Crusade, Two Church Revival Campaigns, and morning Leadership Seminars for Pastors and their Wives in three locations daily, and Evangelism Teams of Young Haitian Men and Women will hit the streets sharing the Gospel. Team members will also be teaching people how to start their own small business.

This is a huge undertaking under the leadership of Rev. Jean-David Charles of Fleming Island, Fl.  We are expecting God to begin a Mighty Transformation of the Nation of Haiti! The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere is about to become a "Well
Watered Garden" and an example to the World of God's Power to bring change to any people who call upon His Name!

Ruth and I will be ministering in the mornings to the Pastors and their Wives. I will be speaking in the Outdoor Crusade on Monday night the 14th and the final Sunday night July 20th. Other speakers include Pastor R.J. Washington of Titus Harvest Church, Pastor Donald Byrd of Horn of Zion, Pastor's Phil & Evie Ward of The River Church, Pastor Jean-David Charles of Believer's Gathering Place, (all of Jacksonville, Fl.) and Pastors Tim & Sheena Doorn of Brazos Valley Power Center, Madisonville, Tx.

We are going to Haiti to make a difference. We will break chains that have held the People of Haiti bound for generations. We will sow powerful seed for the blossuming forth of a great and prosperous people. We will give the Haitian Christians a boost of faith for their future in God. We will (with God's help) make a difference!

What is in it for us? The Seed we Sow in Haiti will return to us in the United States of America in the form of a Mighty Revival breaking out from the East Coast of Florida and Georgia to Texas and beyond. This is our hope and belief. This is where our Faith stands. In this we are united in the Name of Jesus!

Join your faith with ours. Expect a transformation in Haiti and Revival here at Home. Give some of your time to pray earnestly about these events. Be a part of God's solution to the problems our generation faces today. Let God arise! Let His enemies be scattered!