Monday, March 11, 2019

April 10-20 Pastor Ronny Thomason, John Armour, Pastor Donald Byrd, Adam Culp (and Hannah) and Pastor Suan Go Khai will meet in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) for ten days of ministry to Youth Camps, Bible Colleges, Churches and Children's Home. This will be the Third trip for Pastor Thomason and John Armour. This ministry was greatly established by Adam Culp and Pastor Khai over 4 years ago and is now doing very well. This year the Bible School graduated it's 4th class! Alumni are serving in ministry all over Asia and beyond. We are returning to strengthen and encourage the workers and students there and to tweak the two water purification systems that we placed in the Children's home and in a Bible School.  Pray for a successful and productive time. April 10-20.