Monday, August 17, 2009

School Starts Soon

We are more than half way through August and I cannot believe that school is about to start up again. What ever happened to the 3 month summer vacation? What ever happened to kids actually going to school to learn? It seems that the more time they are in school and the more money we throw at the system, the less return we get on our investment. Today, we have graduates that can't read, write, spell, think, make change, or know who Jesus is. Thank God for home schools, Church Schools, and private schools that are producing some awesome young people to lead the next generations. I know several of these bright spots in a dim world and they are giving me hope. Thank God for parents and educators who pioneered the home school and church school movement. They often paid a great price to pave the way for millions of families across this country to produce a generation of World Changers!!