Thursday, October 29, 2009


As October, my favorite month, winds down towards the 31st, I am looking forward to November, the Thanksgiving month. Active, living faith always moves forward toward God and His purposes for our lives. Giving thanks for what God has done and for all He has blessed us with is not only a duty, but an enjoyable part of worship. He is worth our gratitude! Faith empowers me to also give thanks for what is ahead and yet to come. There are many promises and prophecies from the Lord that are still being made complete in our lives. Giving Him thanks for the forward progress of our lives is essential for us to arrive on time and in full possession of His promises. Jesus, in His earthly ministry, was always in forward motion reminding His followers that there is more to come. He sent the Holy Spirit to us for a continual reminder of all that He said and to show us "things to come". In this function, just a few days ago, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me this thought, "This Thanksgiving you will have new and fresh reasons for giving thanks for what I am now doing."

While I reflect upon the past blessings and present benefits from the Lord, I am now looking more to the future with anticipation and a thankful heart!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I love October!

I was born in October, born again in October, Baptized in the Holy Spirit in October, called to preach in October, saved from certain death in a car wreck in October, married to Ruth in October....the list just goes on and on, but you can see why I love October.

My dad, Seth Thomason was born October 1, 1911 and he went to Heaven on October 22, 1985. My good friends Norma Ruth Davis, Cecelia Hopper, and Joyce Fleming were all born in October. I am sure there are others.

I like October weather too. In my home country (Texas Panhandle) October was truly autumn like with cooler temps and trees losing their leaves. In Broken Bow, Ne. we usually had our first snow by the end of October. In Florida, is beginning to cool off and look more like Autumn. We have one maple tree that is shedding its leaves.

Something happens inside of me when October rolls around. I become much more expectant of good things happening and special surprises from the Lord. This October is no different. My spirit is all excited at what God is going to reveal in the next couple of weeks of October.....something good is about to happen!!! Then comes November, the month of giving thanks!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Exactly one year ago today, Ruth and I were married in a Sunday morning worship service at Cornerstone Church, Jacksonville, Fl. with Dr. Don Normand officiating. Many of our family and friends were present to witness our vows and to send us off on our honeymoon.

It has been a wonderful year as we have witnessed God's hand in our coming together and in our becoming one as a new couple. After being alone (me 5 years and Ruth 8 years) we saw how miraculously God arranged our meeting, falling in love, and marriage in spite of coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We already see His hand in putting us together as a ministry team as well. When your life is in God's hands, He works all things out for good!

It has been a busy year. Trips to Oklahoma (family funeral), South Florida (Kingsway Fellowship, Int'l), Amarillo, Tx. (meet friends and family), Knoxville, Tn. (more family), Honduras (missions trips) and Ruth's middle daughter, Angielyn, was married in September to Matthew Hughes in Savannah. All this plus, we moved to a different place and of course, the church.

Everyone has been kind and gracious to us. Everyone loves Ruth! We are very happy together and know our destiny in God is in full swing. The future looks so much better now that we are together. Thank you Jesus!