Friday, January 31, 2014

Water For The Orphans

In just a few days, a Team of Four including myself will travel half way around the Globe to an orphanage and Bible College in Yangon, Myanmar. We are taking them a state of the art water filtration system.  It is a new filtering process patented by one of our church members, John Armour. His process cleans water to 99.99999 % pure at the rate of five gallons per minute. It has been tested by at least three respected laboratories here in the U.S. with the same results. Two of them started with "black water" and ended with safe drinkable water.

Why Orphans in Myanmar?

1). They are drinking contaminated water and bathing in it as well. They have skin disorders and diseases that are from the water they drink. Compassion compels us!

2). They live in an area that has the same problem or worse. Their neighbors even come to them for water (the bad stuff). Bottled water is available, but it is expensive and questionable quality.

3) with a little effort they can bottle the clean water and sell it for a modest price to their village. This will provide income for the orphans and free them from dependance upon foreigners.

4). Like Paul's "Macedonian Call", we have been directed to sow this seed into these children and college students. We know God will use it to affect the nation for generations to come.

5). We have already made contact with a second orphanage in Yangon who will be watching our progress with great interest.

What Next?

Once the pure water is flowing, we have plans to build a fish farm and hydroponic gardens at the orphanage to use the good water to produce clean meat and vegetables for them to eat and take to market. As you can see, this has powerful, life changing possibilities for these young people who live in an 89% Buddhist country.

Can you help? YES YOU CAN!

1). Pray for our Team (John & Austin Armour, Adam Culp and myself) as we spend most of February on this project.

2). This is an expensive task. You can help by sending tax deductible gifts to:
      CCI- Water
      P.O. BOX 19156
      JACKSONVILLE, FL. 32245

God Bless you for doing what He leads you to do!

Ronny D. Thomason