Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Don Normand, my good friend and spiritual Father, went to his eternal reward on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 8:00 p.m. He was two days away from his 83rd birthday. He passed peacefully with his daughters, Jill and Desre, holding his hands. We expected him to go and he wanted to go to be with "My King Jesus". He is now experiencing the joys of Heaven in his new body. Oh what celebrating must be going on over this spiritual giant and great soul winner's entrance into Glory!

A lot more will be said about this man as time goes by. He deeply impacted my life with his testimony and Gospel Ministry. His friendship was genuine. His life was real. He was a "Man's Man" and full of passion and zeal for living. When his body finally gave out, he could not wait to get on with getting to Heaven. Now that he is there, we must cope with our temporary loss. It is temporary because in his words, "You will be coming right behind me".  It is true. We are right behind you Don!

Ethel Pratt, 86, has joined the ranks of my loved ones in Heaven. She is my Mother-in-Law and has been since March 26, 1970. I can truthfully say that there could not have been a better mother in law for me. She loved me and supported my work for the Lord from the very beginning. I watched her grow in the Lord steadily from the first time I met her to her final days. She impressed me with her strength of character, wisdom, strong work ethic, and devotion to Jesus. She anchored her family in values that matter and typified the Virtues of the Woman in Proverbs 31. Her husband trusted in her and her children (and grandchildren and great grandchildren) rose up to bless her! Of all the people I have known in my life, Ethel is tops! I love her dearly and look forward to seeing her again soon in Heaven. I can only imagine the joy she is experiencing right now as she worships Jesus with Glenn, Vernon, Norma and all the others.