Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day (Yesterday) for me was very pleasant as we met at Aaron's home for a mid-afternoon feast. The meal hi-lite for me was the traditional "Dad's Banana Pudding". Thank you Heather! The others ate various pies for dessert, but for me it was straight for the pudding. My first dip into the bowl brought thoughts of my brother Jerry and the competition for banana pudding back in the days when we were growing up. The two of us could make a huge dent in the delcious dessert! Everyone else just had to satisfy their sweet tooth with the cakes and pies. I never really felt bad about it because there was always a huge amount of the other sweets and no one seemed to care that we were dominating the pudding bowl.

Thanksgiving is about family. I know this because everyone becomes mindful of who they have called and not called. This time I sent a lot of emails and facebook greetings and received them as well, and still missed some important ones. Today I will continue contacting them to wish them a happy holiday.

We set up the croquet set in Aaron's back yard and enjoyed teaching Ethan & Marlee the game. I especially enjoyed watching Aaron patiently teach four year old Marlee how to operate her mallet. He is a good Dad!

In the midst of all our activity, Stephanie got a phone call....from We could tell by the way she lit up and the excitement in her voice. Her family lives so far away, but thanks to cell phones and Skype we can stay in touch. Stephanie's brother Conner, is in Nepal this week, but was still able to talk to his family on Thanksgiving.

Yes, Thanksgiving is a Family event. It is about being with family, thinking of family, touching base with those who are not here, remembering those who have passed, loving and thanking God for the people in our lives.

Then there is the extended family, church family, and friends who are like family to us.
Thank you Lord for each and every one!

Most of all, I thank God that I am part of His family! This ensures an eternity with all the people I love, so long as they join the Heavenly Family by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ. I am most thankful for Him and the difference he made in my life!

Psalm 68:6
God setteth the solitary in families