Thursday, December 12, 2019

Dr. Robert "Papa" Doorn

Ninety Year Old Robert Doorn will be making his annual visit to Cornerstone Church in Jacksonville, Florida to speak in the Sunday Morning Christmas Service on December 22, 2019.  Papa Doorn has been in full time ministry for over 70 years in various capacities (Pastor, Missionary, Administration, etc.) along with his recently departed wife, Glenyce. Together, they ministered in over 60 nations Pioneering Full Gospel churches, Bible schools, orphanages, and setting in motion Gospel works that have produced much fruit to the Glory of God.  We first met Papa & Mama Doorn in 2000 and since then have hosted them for the Christmas Sunday sermon. This year will be bitter-sweet with the passing of Mama in October, but it will be very, very special to be able to love on this worthy General of the Faith in our own humble church.  Following the service Sunday morning we will have dinner on the grounds. 

Monday, December 2, 2019

I have a special Thanksgiving “THANK YOU JESUS” this year. My son Aaron and his family were on their way from Mesa Arizona to LUBBOCK Texas for the holiday. Near Ruidosa New Mexico, they hit some ice and spun 360 degrees into the median. Their car stopped just short of oncoming traffic. They were able to get back onto the highway with no damage to themselves or the car. They drove on icy roads for hours and arrived at Stephanie’s parents home safely. I cannot let this pass without expressing my deepest gratitude to the Lord for His faithful care of my family and also for the many who travelled in bad weather this Thanksgiving week. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Always be thankful unto God. Why?
Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above who never changes. ( James Chapter One). We owe Him our Thanks! And good people pay their debts!
Thankful people are honest people. They are pleasant to be around and therefore popular. Be thankful and you will not ever be lonely or miserable.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


In the past few days we have said
Goodbye to two of our close friends and spiritual leaders. Dr. Robert "Bob" Dean and "Mama" Dr. Glenyce Doorn. 
Both of these powerful preachers and teachers of God's Word have greatly impacted their generation with faithful, long years of service. It has been my joy to know them when they were strong and active in ministry and to be their friend in these final days. They are now with the Lord in Heaven enjoying the fruits of their righteous labors and getting used to their new celestial bodies. For them we are happy, for us we feel great loss. We understand  that this is part of the "circle of life" and we cannot change it. We rejoice knowing that soon, we shall all be together again. Our prayers are for the comfort of Papa Doorn and Marti Dean as they endure grief and deal with the changes in their lives.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

September 25-30, 2019 I traveled to Honduras with my friend from Atlanta, Ga. Rev. Ken Browning to visit with a couple of ministries we have worked with over the years: Workers Together With God in Comayagua and Love Without Boundaries in Zambrano. 

Our Comayagua visit included meeting with the Hospital Staff, School Staff, and preaching in the church all founded by the ministry of Jim and Linda Tjelmeland with Francisco and Anamy Jocol..  We also spoke at a Couples Meeting, Pastors' Meeting, and a church in nearby La Paz with my old friend Rey Vallecillo. 

The Clinic Hospital is being required to move, so we were there for some of the negotiations. At this time it looks like they have secured a two story hotel which will work great. 17  air conditioned hotel rooms with a bathroom in each, plus a nice area for operating and delivery rooms. It also has secure off street parking. This is all good!

 We were blessed to be in the country for their Day of the Bible Celebrations. On Sunday we were in Zambrano to participate in a city wide church gathering in the town's central park for a special worship service to honor the Bible. We spent some quality time with Pastors Danny & Pahola Sorto before leaving the country on Monday. 

It was a quick trip, but very rewarding. I enjoyed traveling with Ken Browning. He is a remarkable man, full of wisdom, experience and vision. He makes a great missions partner!

Rev. Ken Browning
Atlanta Georgia

Friday, September 6, 2019

Hurricane Dorian

The know-it-all's on television laughed at the notion that people were praying for this big storm to turn and miss Florida and the rest of the East Coast. They ridiculed the idea that prayer actually could change the weather. They implied that only simpletons would believe in such things.
Well, call me a simpleton then!
The Bible I read and believe, says that in the time of trouble, I should call upon the God who created all things and who still rules the Universe and He will hear me, and deliver me from danger.
History is full of eye witness accounts of how people prayed and the weather changed. I have personally seen with my own eyes how tornadoes, hail storms, and other weather threats have moved away or been dissolved after prayer. Yes, I and many other believers, were praying about this Dorian threat for days. It passed by us leaving relatively little damage. Whereas it was forecast to be the deadliest storm on record. Not a coincidence in my estimation! God heard and changed the course of nature because people dared to ask Him!
My God is Real! My God is always working, even in the storms! People who are worried about climate change and such things, just don't know God. They don't believe that He controls the Universe and this little planet Earth. They underestimate the Power of His Word and the Power of Prayer. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

On this day, Sept. 4th , 2003 Norma Joyce, my wife of 33 years, went to Heaven. It was her day of Victory and my worst day ever. As the years have passed life has continued on for us. Our family has grown. I have married Ruth (11 years now) and grandchildren have entered the picture.  We are blessed and happy. There will always be a huge place in our hearts for Norma. She is waiting for us to join her there. How wonderful that day will be!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

In our ongoing efforts to connect with the people of Jacksonville Florida and beyond, we have decided to air a 60 second broadcast on The Promise at 100.7 F.M. during the noon hour Monday  through Friday. This will feature myself, our website (, Cornerstone Church, and a simple Gospel message. It will be brief, but to the point and upbeat with music. Why are we doing it this way? John 10:3-5 talks about the dynamic relationship between an appointed shepherd and the sheep that are assigned to his care. They hear his voice and follow him out to pasture. I believe that sheep without a shepherd need to hear the voice of their true shepherd, so I am putting my voice out there to connect with the people assigned to me. Jesus is the Great Shepherd. He gives access to the Flock of God. There is a Divine Principle at work here. Not everyone is going to hear my voice and come to my church, but those assigned to me will. Read John 10 for yourself and you will see this principle. I am not doing this to boost my own ego or to teach the Bible to the whole community. This is how God is leading me to some precious people who love God but have no connection to a true Pastor. Our city is filled with these folks and I hope a few will follow me as I follow the Lord!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday August 18, 2019
Today we had Gary & Kathy Hines with us for the morning service. Gary is celebrating two years since his liver transplant at the Mayo Clinic. He and Kathy are long time friends that we met through our mutual friends Don and Cindy Normand. We have them staying in our home this weekend through Monday night. He goes to Mayo Tuesday for his two year check up. He is hoping they will release him for overseas missions travel. It is critical that he does not expose his liver to live viruses so they may not let him do that. Currently they are traveling in the U. S. teaching, preaching and raising support for other missionaries. They are an awesome couple and great friends. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Fifteen years ago, yesterday (August 14) my son, Aaron married Stephanie Voight in a lovely wedding chapel in Amarillo, Texas. I was his Best Man, Randy Voight officiated, and Dr. Don Normand pronounced the Wedding Blessing.  It was a wonderful occasion. 15 years later, they are still happily married and living in Mesa, Arizona. Their children, Ethan and Marlee are both serving the Lord and excelling in their studies. Aaron and Stephanie are very much in love with each other and with the Lord. As his Dad, I could not be more pleased! I thank God for this special couple and have great appreciation for this anniversary milestone. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU TWO!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Happy Birthday Norma Joyce (PRATT) Thomason. Though you have been in Heaven for Sixteen years now, you still remain in our hearts and thoughts always. As Heaven draws nearer our reunion grows sweeter!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


It was our special honor to recognize my lovely wife, Ruth, as an Ordained Minister of the Gospel this past Mother's Day. Since our marriage in 2008, she has be used in a particularly powerful way to preach and teach, not only at Cornerstone Church, but in Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Myanmar and wherever the opportunity has risen.  She is a life long student of the Word of God, and in the past 11 years of our married life, she has been sitting at the feet of yours truly and of some of the most anointed men and women of God in the world today.  Her qualities and qualifications are undeniable. God has certainly chosen her for Gospel Ministry.  It is our (Cornerstone Church of Jacksonville, Fl.) part to recognize what God is doing in her life.  She joins an impressive list of Gospel Ministers that have been sent forth from this church. 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

I returned from my third short term mission trip to Yangon, Myanmar a week ago today. I traveled with Pastor Donald Byrd and John Armour to Yangon where we joined up with Adam & Julie Culp who came over from Nepal. We ministered together in. Summer Bible Camp at the Elim Children’s Home with Pastor Suan Go Khai then we taught for two days at Church on the Rock Bible College with Dr James Lun Sai. John Armour worked on water purification systems for Pastor Khai and for John Pongson. We returned home via Tokyo where we had a long layover. While in Tokyo we took a train downtown and walked to the Imperial Palace. We arrived home in time to be at the Resurrection Services   In our churches Sunday April 21st. We thank God for a fruitful and safe trip.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Heather Fawn Thomason was born on April 9, 1975 at Garland Memorial Hospital in Garland, Texas (a Dallas suburb) while we were living and pastoring a church in Rockwall, Texas. It is hard to imagine that she is a grown woman, living on her own in Amarillo, Texas. We are proud of her bold spirit, courage and strength in maintaining her close relationship to the Lord and how she wins souls like a true evangelist! With her, every person is valuable and winnable to Jesus. She works well with small children, teens, adults and senior citizens. We miss her a lot, but enjoy our face time video chats and phone calls. As her Dad, I am well pleased and wish her the best HAPPY BIRTHDAY ever and a great year filled with Holy Spirit empowered adventures!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


On Friday, March 29, 2019 we were expecting guests for dinner. Ruth asked me if I would make a quick trip to the grocery about a mile away and get a few things. No big deal right? After I picked up just a few things and headed back to home, a lady in a Toyota Corolla turned in front of me. I had no time to stop so I ran into her car, spinning her around. I pulled over to the side and rushed over to her car to discover two young boys sitting in the back seat, wide-eyed and scared, but not injured. The driver was not hurt either. For this I thanked God out loud! As in all situations like this, you play the event over and over in your mind in attempt to figure out what went wrong and how might you have prevented the accident. I do remember it happening and how I felt like a protective shield was all around me. It did not hurt. I was not injured. I know this was God's protection! The fact that the three people in the other car were not hurt either did not escape me! The aftermath of filling out police reports and pulling the bumper off so I could drive home took time and required patience, but I made it home in time for dinner with my praying friends. We spent the evening in the Presence of God who watches over His people with loving kindness and tender mercies.

As I reflect back on this incident, and other such events in my life, I am reminded once again how quickly things can change. A sudden accident, illness, act of crime, etc. can altar a person's life abruptly and often set them on a permanent course change. It could and often does end a person's life on this planet and sends him off into eternity. It then reminded me that I must at all times be ready for change. I must have my house in order and secure. I must not fear change, but meet it like any good Boy Scout---PREPARED! It is also important to listen to the Voice of God when He tries to give warning of things to come. I remember while at the grocery store thinking why did I get out in 5:00 traffic for salad dressing? Could it be.....was God trying to warn me? He is so faithful to help us if we will let Him.

People talk a lot (in my circles) about how Jesus is coming very soon. I believe He is definitely, but He could come for you even before the Big Event! Are you ready?

Monday, March 11, 2019

April 10-20 Pastor Ronny Thomason, John Armour, Pastor Donald Byrd, Adam Culp (and Hannah) and Pastor Suan Go Khai will meet in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) for ten days of ministry to Youth Camps, Bible Colleges, Churches and Children's Home. This will be the Third trip for Pastor Thomason and John Armour. This ministry was greatly established by Adam Culp and Pastor Khai over 4 years ago and is now doing very well. This year the Bible School graduated it's 4th class! Alumni are serving in ministry all over Asia and beyond. We are returning to strengthen and encourage the workers and students there and to tweak the two water purification systems that we placed in the Children's home and in a Bible School.  Pray for a successful and productive time. April 10-20.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Pastor Robert Slaton passed away on Feb 21, 2019 at the age of 83. He was the Pastor of First Assembly of God in Amarillo, Texas (my home town) for many years while I was growing up. He later became the Superintendent of the West Texas District of the Assemblies of God. He was my Presbyter in 1974 when I was ordained at age 23. Brother Slaton was a true mentor and very important  in my early development as a Minister. He was an awesome preacher, teacher, pastor, and friend. He was a steady, godly example and very worthy of his position as a leader in the community and in the Assemblies of God. He was always very kind to me. I loved him and his precious wife Ann. People like this don't come into your life every day. I know his reward in Heaven is great and he had a glorious home coming.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Today, February 20, 2019, we launched a new church app using It is intended to help us communicate more effectively with church members and friends of Cornerstone Church using computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. It is linked to our church web site and all the information available there. It also has it's own Bible and offers a Bible reading plan. There is a journal for your Bible Study as well. To download this app, go to either Apple's App Store (for Apple devices) or the Google Play Store (for Android) and search for the CustomChurchApps app. Once you download that, search for our app using Ronny Thomason or Cornerstone Church Jacksonville, Fl. I trust this will be a blessing to you and assist us in communicating with you better.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

2019 Arrived and January is now already half over. We are still getting used to the idea and trying to finish out 2018 so we can close the books on it and look ahead.  The past year was a year of blessing and opportunity. Ruth and I were blessed to preach the Gospel in Kenya, Africa again with our friends of Burning Plow Ministries (Don & Becky Cameron). We are really bonding with the Kenyan Believers and love going there.  Christmas found me going back to Amarillo to be with my daughter, Heather and to have a brief visit with my son Aaron and his family. I was also able to see a few "old" friends during my short time there. Ruth stayed home to host some of her family who came for Christmas from Tennessee. We had a great Christmas celebration with our Cornerstone Church family and Drs. Robert & Glenyce Doorn. 
After the New Year, Ruth and Daylan (her 12 year old granddaughter) flew up to Knoxville for a week with family. Ruth was blessed on her birthday with a tour through the Vanderbilt Mansion in Ashville, NC. This was the fulfillment of a 20 year old dream. Thanks to her daughter Angielyn, she had a wonderful birthday.
As I get older, it seems truly as though the sands of time have sped up and we are running out of time to make our mark on this world. I am determined to fight for good health and mobility so I can keep going to the nations and to places here to preach, teach, exhort and encourage people in the Lord. I am excited about this year's opportunities from the Lord. Ruth is teaching, preaching, writing, blogging more and more. It is a joy to watch her go! I am also blessed to be able to mentor several younger men and women who are doing awesome things all over the world. God has given me favor to be allowed to speak into their lives the wisdom and insight that I have gained in over 50 years of ministry. These younger ministers cause me to believe in the generation that follows me and have high hopes for the Work of The Kingdom!
Many have asked if I have a fresh word for the new year. All I can say is that God has not changed! All around us we see changes, many for the worse, but this one thing remains true, our God is an unchanging God! Jesus and His Word endure forever, and of His Kingdom there shall be no end!
"You can't lose with the stuff we use!"