Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aaron Lee Thomason

My son, Aaron Lee, was born on March 3, 1978 at Garland Memorial Hospital in Dallas County, Texas. Our first child, Heather, was born cesearean section, so when Aaron came along, we just made an 8:oo a.m. appointment and he was delivered by 8:30 a.m.
I remember waiting in the hallway outside of the operating room (in those days Dads were not allowed in operating rooms) with my friend Robert Yarbrough. Robert was also with me when Heather was born. The nurse brought Aaron out wrapped in a white blanket and let me hold him briefly. He was small, red and quiet (Heather was not). Later when we saw him in the nursery window, he reached over and pulled his blanket over his naked body as if to say, "How about some privacy please!"

Well, Aaron is now 32, married to a wonderful lady (Stephanie) with two children, Ethan (8) and Marlee (1 yr 11 mos.) He is a great guy and good friend to his dad. He leads our worship services at church and works as a claim adjuster for an insurance company. He loves Jesus and is a true Christian man. I am very proud of him.

We see each other pretty often at church and family gatherings. It is fun to watch him interact with people. He is a true leader and commands the respect and admiration of all. I love to watch him with his true love, Stephanie, and witness the father's joy in his eyes as he relates with his children. Sometimes he reminds me of me, then other times I see his mother in him. Then on different occasions, I can see his grandfathers. He is truly MY son and their grandson!

With each passing year as he gets older and I get more sentimental, I have to pause and thank the Lord for this one very special gift that He sent along to bless me and the world.