Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the News of His virgin birth, sinless life, miracles to confirm His deity, love for the lost, substitutionary death on the Cross, and resurrection from the dead.  This week, starting on Palm Sunday, we recall His Passion week which culminated in Resurrection Sunday. It is all Good News to those who believe!!!
A couple weeks ago, Ruth and I went to Arizona to visit with my Son, Aaron and his family for the first time since they moved there from Jacksonville, Fl. last August. It was the longest time I can recall being separated from them and we were excited to be there to see them and to experience their new world with them.  They live in Mesa, AZ and Aaron works in Scottsdale.  They love the outdoors, so they have already explored the surrounding area (which they were more than excited to share with us). It was Ethan's Spring Break, so after we attended church with them on Sunday (Hillsong Church, Mesa) we rented a Suburban and drove north to Sedona, then on to Flagstaff for the night. The next day, we visited the Grand Canyon! It was my first time back there since Aaron was a teenager. It was Ruth's first time as well as for Ethan and Marlee.  It was a great joy seeing the splendor of one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World with these two grandchildren. Though at times I had to turn away for nervousness of watching them scamper out on the cliffs.  We enjoyed our brief vacation and really enjoyed seeing how God has placed them in their new life (Job, Schools, Church, etc. Plus their new friends are great too!)  Ruth and Stephanie enjoyed shopping and decorating.  Aaron and Ethan and I went to a nearby outdoor gun range to shoot some paper targets. And then there was Marlee, about to be 10 years old, but still able to love on Grandpa and play silly games with me. We came home refreshed in the love of family with great memories to cherish for a life time. 
Marlee with Ethan in the background out on a ledge.
Ruth and Ronny at the Grand Canyon