Friday, July 27, 2012

I Believe!

Some Times I Just Want To Scream It Out So Everyone Can Hear
And Let Them Deal With It! 
The Things That I Believe, For Example:
I Believe That Jesus Christ Is God
I Believe He Existed Before Time Began as a Co-Equal Member of the Divine God-Head
He Was The Word of God That Created All Things Everywhere
I Believe God made a body for Him and He was born to a Virgin girl named Mary.
I Believe He Was God In The Flesh
I Believe He Lived a Sinless Life 
I Believe He Was The Express Image of The Heavenly Father
I Believe No One Could Have Killed Him, Except He Lay Down His Life
I Believe He Died for Everyone's Sin
I Believe He Was Resurrected Three Days Later By The Power of the Holy Spirit
I Believe He Proved Himself Alive For Forty Days
I Believe He Ascended Into Heaven and Sat Down At The Father's Right Hand
I Believe The Heavenly Father Gave Jesus All Power In Heaven and Earth
I Believe That Jesus Christ Is Lord and God of The Universe
I Believe He Now Reigns Over All Things
I Believe He Is All He Claimed To Be: Healer, Deliverer, Baptizer, Savior
I Believe He Is Coming Again Soon
I Believe His Enemies Will Be Sorry and His Friends Glad
That Is Some of What I Believe.......just saying.