Monday, April 5, 2010

Heather Fawn

She arrived late in the afternoon after hours of labor on Wednesday, April 9, 1975 at Garland Memorial Hospital. My friend Robert Yarbrough and I had to wait in the hall while she was born C-section. The nurse brought her out in a rolling incubator and she was protesting loudly. Later, as we watched her in the nursery window, people around us remarked at what a beautiful baby she is, to which we agreed whole heartedly. No brag, just fact. Over the years, Heather has made a profound impact upon everyone she has met. There were no strangers. She has always been bright, talkative, talented, and smart. Way too smart sometimes. She came to know the Lord personally at 3 years and has loved Him and served Him faithfully since. She is the family historian, scribe, and maintains relationships better than anyone I know. She has much of her mother in her and grandmothers, grandfathers, etc. It is hard to tell which one she is the most like. Some say that she even has some of her dad in her too. Heather has done just about everything that can be done in the church to help us out. She spent many years with her Mom on the worship teams and taught classes from when she was just a teen. Today, she has converts and disciples all over the world who look to her for godly advise. I know this one thing for sure, I am very proud of her! Probably the most wonderful thing about her is her love for the lost and total commitment to winning them to Jesus. She is a soul winner. Can't think of anything that could please me more (and God too). Happy Birthday Heather Fawn!

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