Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It is very early in the morning as I lie awake praying for those in need of healing in their bodies. Several of my friends are going through severe trials as they fight for their lives. Pain seems to be everywhere. Spiritual leaders are under attack and are desperately in need of relief today. I also am experiencing pain in my body which heightens my compassion for others who are hurting. I am convinced that our Great Physician and Healer JESUS is touched and moved to compassion for those who are suffering. I know He has paid the price for our pain relief and total recovery! So I declare a pain free healed life for all of you who suffer today in the Strong and Mighty and Worthy Name of Jesus Christ!!!!

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  1. Though I hate to hear of people in pain, I find it greatly encouraging to hear of a Pastor obeying the dictates of the Bible in his personal life. Being a "doer of the Word" when it it isn't fun is impressive. Thank you for your post.