Friday, September 11, 2009


I returned from ten days in the Central American country of Honduras a week ago and have been musing over the whole experience. I was there with a team from Dr. James Maloney's Acts Group. Team members came from Canada, Idaho, Kansas, Indiana, Florida and Texas. They were great people who love God, love the Word, and love to minister by the Holy Spirit. We joined the ministry of Jim & Linda Tjelmeland in Comayagua and soon spread out through the area, preaching, teaching, prophesying, praying for the sick, etc. The whole event culminated in a 2 night Prophetic Conference held at a local gymnasium in downtown Comayagua. Dr. Maloney delivered a powerful prophetic message to the Church in Honduras. Many received healings and special blessings from the Lord in all of the meetings conducted by members of the team. Our dear friend Luis Sorto spent the week guiding a team and translating for us each day.

Dr. Maloney and I were able to meet the Mayor of Comayagua with the help of Missionary Jim Faber. Our conversation centered around recent political developments in Honduras and we assured him that there are millions of Christians in the U.S. praying for his country.

The people of Honduras are very united in prayer and fasting for their nation and we believe God is listening and responding to make "all things work together for the good" because these people really love the Lord. The eyes of the world are upon these people and God will be glorified! It was truly a great opportunity for us to be there in such a super charged spiritual climate.

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