Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two Faced Face Bookers

I really like facebook for a lot of reasons. One reason was unexpected but I think it is a good benefit. Since I am the past or present Pastor of many of my young friends on facebook, I have noticed that once they accepted me as their "friend", suddenly their profile pictures and content became much more "Christian" than before. I think knowing that Pastor is looking on provides an accountability factor that is helpful to these young ones who have not yet developed an "inner-governor" to keep them from going "buck wild" on the internet. Sad to say though, I have had to block some of my young friends from my site due to their unseemly behavior on line. I am thankful for the most of them who are just wonderful clean hearted followers of the Lord Jesus. Just remember this, "there is an all seeing eye watching you" and it is not Pastor Thomason, it is the Lord God with whom we all must give account. :-)

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