Thursday, October 29, 2009


As October, my favorite month, winds down towards the 31st, I am looking forward to November, the Thanksgiving month. Active, living faith always moves forward toward God and His purposes for our lives. Giving thanks for what God has done and for all He has blessed us with is not only a duty, but an enjoyable part of worship. He is worth our gratitude! Faith empowers me to also give thanks for what is ahead and yet to come. There are many promises and prophecies from the Lord that are still being made complete in our lives. Giving Him thanks for the forward progress of our lives is essential for us to arrive on time and in full possession of His promises. Jesus, in His earthly ministry, was always in forward motion reminding His followers that there is more to come. He sent the Holy Spirit to us for a continual reminder of all that He said and to show us "things to come". In this function, just a few days ago, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me this thought, "This Thanksgiving you will have new and fresh reasons for giving thanks for what I am now doing."

While I reflect upon the past blessings and present benefits from the Lord, I am now looking more to the future with anticipation and a thankful heart!

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