Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do You Have God's Ear?

I was reading in George W. Bush's new book DECISION POINTS where he spoke of the people who aspire to being near the President or to at least have access to him. He said that the reason people want the President's ear is that there is great power for those who have it. I immediately thought of the most powerful person in the Universe: Almighty God, and the unlimited access He has given to those who come to Him through Christ. We Believer's in Christ have the opportunity to boldy enter God's Presence to ask for anything we want. Jesus Christ said that we can "Ask anything in my name" and we will be granted our request. (See Matthew 7 and John 12, 13, 14). It is clear. We have God's Ear!!! What power awaits those who believe this and use this awesome access? Let us find out!!!


  1. Amen to that. We need to keep boldy entering His presence without religious pretense and just "be real" in presenting our desires and expectations to God. I'm sure he is unimpressed by our attempts at flowery speach