Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

I turned 60 on my last birthday (Oct. 24) and had a great day. It was Sunday, so we spent the morning and evening at church worshipping God together with the great people that I have pastored for over 15 years (and some new ones too). Also with me was my wife of two years, Ruth, who made my day even more enjoyable with her joyful spirit. I can say that I am a blessed man and have lived a blessed 60 years. I don't feel this old and I am always shocked when I look into a mirror. I think it is because my inner man is renewed day by day through the indwelling Holy Spirit. He makes me feel young and alive. For this I am thankful! I have the most wonderful family any man could ever want and some of the greatest people on earth are my friends. Thanks be to God!

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