Tuesday, February 21, 2017


It has been almost four years since one of the most remarkable men I have ever known left this world to be with Jesus. Don Normand blessed my life in so many ways and I shall be forever greatful to God for giving me such a friend. Don was a Father to me in the absence of my own Dad. He was a spiritual mentor and pastor to me in the ministry.  His example of loving people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ set the bar very high for me. He was by far the greatest soul winner I have ever been blessed to know personally. He won souls by the thousands in mass evangelism meetings, revivals and crusades, and one on one. He never met a stranger and never backed away from a challenge. I learned much by watching him work. He was a man's man. A great outdoorsman, he could fish, hunt, swim, fight, and joke with the best in the world. He was friend to Presidents, Kings, Generals, wealthy business people, Rabbis and Priests, common laborers and children. A great story teller and humorists, he was able to hold large audiences spellbound until he landed them safely into his gospel net. He loved Jesus with a passion. One of his last words to me was, "I cannot wait to see my King Jesus". His only regret was in leaving his beloved Cindy behind but he knew Jesus and their children would take good care of her. I learned much from this man about a lot of things. The fact that he included me as a part of his family and circle of friends is one of the greatest honors in my life. I truly miss him! I often find myself wondering what he is doing up there (with a big smile on my face).
Thank you Lord for Don Normand!

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  1. Agreed! Can just imagine the new stories he has to tell. 😁