Saturday, May 9, 2020

Left to Right: Norma Thomason, Ruth Thomason, Irene Thomason

On this Mother's Day 2020 I reflect back on the Mothers that I have been blessed to live with in my life time. One gave me birth, one bore my children, one takes care of me in my Senior years. All three great Mothers to me and others. Two are in Heaven (Norma & Irene) but all three brought Heaven to me. I cannot praise God enough for blessing my life so much.

These Mothers have a lot in common. First of course is me. Beyond that; they all believed in and trusted in Jesus Christ. They are Women of Faith, Love, and enduring Hope. They are all full of the Holy Spirit (with Tongues) and full of the Word of God.  Each of them wore out several Bibles and had prayer lives that shook Heaven and Earth. All three are true worshippers of God too!

 They loved their children with the primary goal of salvation for each one. They made time each day to lift up their children to the Lord, not in fear or worry, but in faith, believing in God's Covenant to save their household. They loved their husbands too! My Dad and I are blessed to have these ladies in our lives.

To have just one of these Moms would have been awesome, but I have all three! This is proof that God loves me! I know this and I give Him thanks for His love and blessing. I guess you noticed that I still claim them as present realities in my life even though Norma and Irene are in Heaven. It is because they are forever a part of me and who I am. They live on in their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Everyone should be so blessed!


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