Tuesday, April 28, 2020

I heard yesterday that 19 people have died of the Corona Virus so far in Duval County (Jacksonville, Florida). That is sad, especially for the families involved and I hate it,  I also heard that last week in our city alone, 75 unborn babies were aborted. No notice given to that by the people in political office or by the health professionals, all who want us to believe they care about human life and who are willing to shut down the economy and suspend our constitutional freedoms to avoid the needless loss of American lives. If you could find the statistics on how many babies were aborted since the Covid-19 pandemic has been going on world wide, I am sure the totals would far exceed the number of pandemic deaths.

If anyone bothers to do the math, it is clear that something is really wrong with modern man. He can justify destroying a thriving economy and trashing our freedoms to save a few lives from a virus, while at the same time forcing taxpayers to fund abortions at alarming rates. Could these seemingly unrelated events be somehow connected? How long can we play our self deceived games of pretending to care about lives and ignore the fact that we have departed from the living God to go after the god Molech (who demands that we sacrifice our children)? Millions serve this cruel god unwittingly, but adhere to his philosophy of death and genocide. In Scripture, God allowed pestilences (pandemics) to ravage populations because of their pagan practices. He even allowed the Canaanites (who worshipped Molech) to be destroyed or driven out of the land by the Israelites. He later sent plagues to turn the Israelites away from the same practices. I don't believe God's attitude toward those who murder innocent children has changed. When are we going to do the math and connect the evil that is happening in the world to our own unrepentant ways? God said He would heal our land if we who are called by His Name repent and turn from our wicked ways.
(2 Chronicles 7:14).
Just saying we are against this and other wicked practices is not enough. By remaining silent, we give consent. Christians must rise up and speak out against this evil.  By all means necessary, we MUST go to the polls and vote for those who support the unborn's right to live and vote out those who support abortion. If Christians do not vote on God's side of this issue, then we can only expect the obvious consequences. DO THE MATH!


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