Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Time In Kenya: Day Eight, Sept. 12th

Day Eight went much like day seven. We left Hunter's Lodge after breakfast early enough to meet the rest of the team up the highway where we left the road to cross country toward Olosinya. We arrived at the church about 10:00 to find they had already begun to worship and the music greeted us as we drove up. On the way, we picked up several women and children who wanted rides to church.  We had them packed in!

The first morning session was Vincent Mokaya teaching on Water Baptism. I am really impressed with Don Cameron's team of young preachers. They are so good at what they do! Their teaching is not just from the head but from the heart. It is evident that they love people and want to help them understand the Word of God.

After a great time of worship, Don Cameron spoke from Revelation about the White Horse Rider. He said that it is the Church triumphant and that we are now in the end times when there is coming a great harvest of souls. As he was speaking, another goat was slaughtered in the church yard and prepared for our lunch.

After lunch, we worshipped with a full house. I spoke from 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 about "Our Message of Reconciliation---Be Reconciled to God" I prayed for the sick at the end of the service after several came forward to be healed. God was present to heal and I am assured that we will hear testimonies to that fact.

We left Olosinya again around 4:30 and drove back to the Hunter's Lodge where we put in our dinner order with the chef, went back to our rooms to freshen up, and then ate on the patio again. This time we had stir fried chicken with mashed potatoes. It was very good. The chef is a good cook! We turned in around 10:00 tired, but happy.

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