Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Time In Kenya: Day Four (Tuesday Sept. 8, 2015)

Day Four was all about the Pastor's Conference in Kibwezi, Kenya.

We rose early on this Tuesday morning and had a fried egg, Kenya's version of tortilla strips, and coffee at the hotel. Then we went a few blocks to the Pentecostal Assembly of God Church near downtown to begin our 9:00 session with the Pastors, their wives and a number of other church leaders. After a time of intense worship, we heard a brief testimony from an older Kenyan preacher named Shadrack. He had been held prisioner in Burundi Prisons for 13 months under false accusations. He testified of torture, attempted murder (using a chamber filled with Malaria ridden mosquitoes). He was preserved throughout the ordeal by God's power. He told of how he won 250 of his fellow prisioners to the Lord during his captivity and how God used the United Nations to free ALL the prisoners in one day including himself. It was a great testimony. Later I gave him a blank journal and asked him to write his complete story.

Ruth spoke after Dr. Shadrack on "The God of What Is Left". She was very anointed and the people were visibly moved by her message. Dr Shadrack told me later it moved him to tears because his ordeal had left him nothing but ashes and now he was able to give the ashes to God! He was truly blessed.

I spoke that morning about the 4 Watchmen for Your Mind: God Is Good; With God Nothing Is Impossible; Jesus Paid It All At The Cross; and Everyone is Significant. I really came hard against the religious spirit that wants to add to the price of salvation above what Jesus paid. I could tell that even though I killed some sacred cows, the Pastors really appreciated the message.

We had lunch on the grounds consisting of rice and beans and bottled water. It was good. We toured the kitchen out back where lunch was prepared on the ground using coal fires and pots sitting on rocks. It was primitive, but clean and well prepared. God bless the ladies who served us so faithfully!

After lunch we split the group in two categories: Pastors and Everyone Else. I took the Pastors outside under the trees in the church yard and Ruth stayed in the church with the rest of the folks. We probably had about 75 people in each group.

Out under the trees I taught the Pastors "What Are The Characteristics of A True Jesus Appointed Pastor?" from John 10:1-10.  I taught for about an hour and a half then opened it up for questions. They asked some hard questions and I answered as lovingly and wisely as I could. One question dealt with Women Preachers. Another asked about "Once Saved Always Saved". One questioned me about how to deal with unforgiveness in a colleague. I summed up my answers by stating that almost all of the controversies in the church could be solved if we would all walk in love toward each other and avoid trying to control other people's lives.  The Pastors seemed blessed by the afternoon session.

Ruth spent her time exhorting and praying for the people. I could hear her really getting after it all the way out in the yard. She prayed with great anointing for several people.

After the afternoon sessions we went to supper out on the highway at a new restaurant/hotel where we were the only customers. It took forever for them to cook our meal but we enjoyed the time together with members of the Burning Plow Team.

Ruth, Becky and I stayed at the hotel to rest in the evening while Don went back to the church for another "Revival" service. He reported that God really moved and people were saved.  Normally I woud have felt bad about missing the service, but after the all day conference with Pastors, I was totally wiped out.

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