Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Time In Kenya: Day Nine, Sept. 13th

Day Nine was Sunday at Olosinya, the Maasai Church in the Bush

We arrived at our usual 10 a.m. time after trekking through the bush on dirt trails picking up passengers as we went. The weather was perfect for a Sunday morning church service in the Maasai Bush Country of Kenya.

We arrived and entered the worship in progress for a day of celebrating the goodness of God among people who really knew how to celebrate! There brightly colored dresses and suits, their beaded neckwear, all bouncing and leaping in the presence of God.

After several acknowledgements for those two churches whose teams came to help Burning Plow canvass the area door to door and hearing some of them testify as to what i meant to them to be part of a "Mission" experience. The service was turned over to me and I began to share the testimony of my friend in Honduras, Luis Sorto, whom God had raised up from the poorest of conditions to be a great leader in his country and in the Spanish speaking world. I told them that the same God is calling some of them to rise from obscurity and join the ranks of God's Migthy Warriors. It was a very stirring and prophetic message to these simple people but they grabbed it and pulled it to themselves taking ownership of the call of God in their lives. It was awesome! I am so blessed to be able to speak so powerfully into their lives!

While two goats were being slaughtered for our lunch, we presented 60 Bibles to people who had no Bible. Some were in Swahili, others in Maasai, and some English. The recipients almost stampeded us as we were giving them out. There is such a hunger for the Word of God and Bibles are very much appreciated. Several were not able to get Bibles, so I left $200 with Don Cameron to purchase more Bibles for this church.

Following the Bible distribution, we all went outside for a water baptism service. Because the area is so dry and water is so precious, we had a pit dug in the sand and placed a plastic liner over it to hold the water. Jugs and jugs of water were hauled in and dumped into the pit until it was about knee deep. Then Pastor Vincent got into the water and baptized 7 people. They got on their knees and he leaned them forward or backward into the water. It was minimal water, but it worked! The crowd of people pressed against the edges of the baptismal pit until I thought I was going to be pushed into the water myself. They had never seen anything like this before! There was so much excitement over this event that mobs of people strained their necks to see. It was awesome!

Two of the Burning Plow team were not at Don and Becky's house in Nairobi last Saturday when I laid hands on the team and prayed for them, so I gathered them into the church after lunch and prayed over them as well. They were Vincent Mokaya and Shadrack Maunda. They both were very moved by the prayer I prayed over them and I felt the prophetic anointing as I prayed. This was the top reason for coming to Kenya, to lay my hands on these team members and impart all the gifts and anointings that have been given to me through the laying on of hands from all my mentors over the years. I believe in this Doctrine of Christ very much and consider it a great honor to place my hands on these powerful young Kenyans that God is raising up for their generation!

Following a short time for lunch and tearful goodbyes with lots of pictures, we finally left the Maasai Village and headed back to our hotel for the last evening away from Nairobi.
We had a great evening around dinner with Don and Becky Cameron just reliving the past few days. Truly God is working in Kenya!

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