Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Time In Kenya: Day Ten, Sept. 14th

Day Ten was Monday. We left the Hunter's Lodge and drove into the next town to meet Burning Plow Team Members to pick up their luggage for the trip back to Nairobi. They would be coming by bus. We drove into Nairobi around noon and found ourselves in a huge traffic jam entering the city. It took extra time for us to finally arrive at the Cameron home in the Belozi neighborhood.

After we unloaded the car, Don and I went to the nearest shopping mall and bought a lap top computer for Caleb Otieno to use for More Than Music Ministries and to further his Bible School educatin on the internet. It cost under $400 dollars but well worth it to invest in this young man's evangelistic ministry. He came by later in the day and we presented it to him. He was one happy man!

Monday evening Don and Becky took us to a place called Safari Camp where we ate a meal consisting of all kinds of meat; beef, pork, chicken, turkey, CAMEL and CROCODILE. The venue was safari style out doors with a stage where we watched an African Dance routine and some fantastic acrobats perform. It was very entertaining and they were very good. This evening out under the stars with tons of food and good entertainment was a fitting end to our Kenyan journey. We were glad to have been able to experience it with our good friends of many years, Don and Becky Cameron.

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