Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Time In Kenya: Day Seven, Sept. 11th

Day Seven started with breakfast in the Kibo Safari Camp. Following breakfast, the Manager, Charles talked to Don and I about his desire to have freedom for the workers to meet after hours for Christian prayers and devotions. The owner of Kibo is a Hindi from India and will not allow it. So we prayed with Charles that God will change the owner's heart. Our waiter, Jacob, was a nice young man from Mombassa who had a lot of questions about the things of God and we witnessed to him a lot while we were there. We gave him a good tip as we were leaving that morning.

We drove back toward Nairobi and stopped at the Hunter's Lodge.  This is a historic site where an Englishman named Hunter had established the Lodge many years ago but it had become abandoned in the 1950's. Recently a hotel chain purchased the Lodge and remodelled it completely. They opened back last February. We were the only guest that night but others came Saturday.  It was very nice and modern with spacious updated rooms, nice king sized beds, modern bathrooms with hot water. We would learn to appreciate this place to come to each night after a day in Olosinya.

We met our other team members who were staying up the highway at another hotel in town and they led us to the church in Olosynia around 10:00. We immediately went into the church and started the morning service. The crowd grew steadily towards noon. We were blessed by their colorful clothing and the intensity of their worship. James Oduar taught a lesson on "How To Have Assurance of Salvation" the Ruth spoke about "Standing On The Threshold Of An Open Door" about the Shunamite Woman in 2 Kings chapter 4.

While we were in church, a goat was slaughtered out under the trees and cooked on an open fire for our lunch.  Lunch was served about 1:00 consisting of a tiny bit of goat meat, lots of rice and beans.

In the afternoon session, Silas Odinga taught a lesson on "How To Study The Bible"
and I preached "Faith to Take The Next Step"
We left around 4 p.m. to go back to Hunter's Lodge.The dust was so bad and the car got so covered in it that the front passenger window would not work and was stuck in the down position. Don and I found a cardboard box and tied it over the window with rope in hopes that it would keep the monkeys out. It didn't. They got in during the night and ate some apples Becky had left in the car. We dealt with that open window for the rest of the time we were there. Later Don got it repaired for $10.

We arrived at Hunter's Lodge at about 6:00 and cleaned up and had dinner outside in their patio area. I had some steak and mashed potatoes that were very good. We got to bed around 10 p.m. tired but satisfied that we had had a good day.

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