Monday, September 21, 2015

Our Time In Kenya: Day Two. It is near some large coffee and tea plantations

Day Two fell on a Sunday so we drove out north of Nairobi to a little town called Kawaida. It is near some large coffee and tea plantations. Vincent Mokaya had started a small home meeting for the plantation workers which has now grown into a full fledged church. Most of the church members are $2 a day farm workers.

The church service was our first in Kenya and was such a blessing to us. The people were colorfully dressed and worshipped God energetically. Their Pastor, Vincent led the worship and it was very obvious the he has a true Pastor's heart by the way he loved on the people and how he worshipped the Lord. We were impressed by the people's worship and how the children could quote the Scriptures.

Ruth greeted the congregation and then I preached from 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 about our message of reconciliation to God.  They responded very well. Following the service we ate rice, beans and greens with the people. Upon leaving, we had a problem shutting one of the car doors because the children has flipped the lock shut. But after awhile it was put right. Then we drove down to the coffee plantation where we walked from house to house praying and blessing each home. We went inside about ten homes to pray while a huge crowd followed us. One lady begged us to come into her house and we were able to lead her to the Lord. We spent some time there and had a wonderful experience with these poor, humble and precious Saints of God. We had dinner at a little shopping center food court near the house. The food was very good.   It was late in the afternoon before we got back to the Cameron home. We were tired but very happy.

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